Hi! I'm Trevor

I create products that user's love, with a key focus on innovation, business goals, and technology.

With over 11 years of experience creating delightful user experiences, I love designing products that users enjoy while also aligning with business goals and the latest in technology. Currently, I'm at John Deere, where I'm dedicated to improving our core customer-facing experience. Before this, I gained valuable expertise at Tata Consultancy Services, where I contributed to a range of B2B and B2C projects across diverse industries. My journey has been all about innovation and shaping how we interact with technology.


Below are some key projects I've worked on in my career. If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, the password should be in my resume. You can also request a password by contacting me.

Redesigning Deere.com - John Deere’s Core Customer Facing Site

Reimagined the website’s experience with a goal of making it easy to find product information and buying options. I remapped the user's flow and refined various components to enable an easy and seamless experience.


  • Identified and eliminated multiple friction points in the user journey
  • Created multiple components to aid users with buying decisions
  • Managed a large design library consumed across the organisation
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Bringing E-Commerce to Deere.com

Designed the configure and buy experience so that customers can effortlessly purchase small consumer equipment like lawn mowers from Deere.com. Empowered by multiple rounds of user testing, I simplified the configuration process so customers can confidently make purchases online.


  • Leveraged Figma variables to create a "functional" prototype for user testing
  • Conducted "holistic validation" by testing with all stakeholders in the E-Commerce ecosystem e.g. dealers
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Redesign of an Airline Fare Auditing Application

Conducted usability tests and contextual enquiries to identify key problems in an Airline Fare auditing platform. Based on insights from this reasearch, I redesigned the auditing experience to enable faster auditing with reduced errors.


  • Reduced turn around time by 30%
  • Reduced errors by 25%
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Large Data, Small Screens – Making Visualisations usable on all devices

Three key takeaways: Why data visualisations on mobile is slowly moving from being just a “good to have” feature to being the “need of the hour? What approach to follow while creating data visualisations for mobile? Common mistakes to be aware of and avoid while thinking data visualisation from mobile.

Accessible Data Visualizations – Helping everyone visualize datasets

This talk explores methods and principles of designing accessible data visualizations. These visualizations will enable all users to access the same insight from the same pool of data, irrespective of any kind of visual impairment they might have.


Patterns for Interactive Line Charts on Mobile Devices

This paper presents four design patterns that help make visualizations easy to use on mobile devices. The patterns help overcome some of the challenges faced when designing data visualizations for mobile devices.

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User-Centered Design Journey for Pattern Development

This paper describes the journey or process followed by a designer to create the 'Progressive disclosure' pattern. This pattern helps users dive into details without making the interface cluttered and confusing.

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System and method for measuring user experience of information visualizations

The experience of information visualisations depend on multiple qualitative, quantitative, and contextual parameters which are often unmeasurable and incomparable. This patent relates to a system and method that collects, processes, and analyzes multiple parameters to profile the visualization. This is done by considering context by computing the chart complexity, benchmarking, summarizing parameters as hedonic and pragmatic scores, plotting on a scatter chart, and labeling based on scatter chart position.

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Display screen with transitional graphical user interface for a gantt chart

This is a design patent that encompasses a variation of the gantt chart that enables comparing planned vs actual data. It also ensures insights are accessible on various devices include mobiles. This design visualises planned start and end dates, actual start and end dates, delays and leads, as well as current position as compared to the larger timeline. Furthermore, it enables user to drill deeper from tasks to subtasks to better understand project progress.

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Trevor Dsouza

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